Plainly stated, Adatos' mission is the democratization of bleeding edge data analysis capabilities for the private sector.

A the heart of this mission is the empowerment of emerging market communities the world over to build on their Data Science knowledge base and apply these methods for game-changing economic growth.

Adatos Co-Founder Drew Perez spoke at a series of high profile conferences about Big Data in the Philippines, sharing his insights from three decades of experience as a US Intelligence Analyst.


DevCon Summit 2015 (Nov 13-14, 2015)

Drew Perez was an invited speaker at the biggest developer conference in the Philippines - DevCon Summit 2015.

The Philippine Software Industry Conference (Nov 4-5, 2015) 

How to be competitive: Drew Perez sat as an expert speaker and panelist at the Philippine Software Industry Conference. 

Founder Institute: Startup founder 101 (Oct 8, 2015)

Drew Perez was featured at the 'Startup Founder 101' speaker series hosted by the Founders Institute, base of the world's premier launch program for talented entrepreneurs. 

IPC Philippine Cloud Summit (Oct 7, 2015)

On cloud computing and creating customer impact: 3 global experts, 1 groundbreaking event. Drew Perez leads with 'Data Science 101: The Art of Analytics' and speaks about redefined IT boundaries and best practices to apply in order to succeed.