The Right Way To Put AI In Business

Many companies are in a hurry to cash in on the AI gold rush, but data-intelligence startup Adatos sets itself apart by only focusing on profitable use cases, says its Managing Director Mr Drew Perez. 


Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is at fever pitch, prompting some venture capitalists to invest in AI companies that have little more than an idea, and large corporations to buy over AI startups that don’t even have a functional product.

“As transformative as AI undoubtedly is and will be, many people do not realise that not every problem needs to be answered with AI,” says Mr Drew Perez, Managing Director of Adatos, a company founded in 2015 to provide data intelligence solutions.

As psychologist Abraham Maslow once said: if you only have a hammer, there is a great temptation to treat everything as if it were a nail.

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