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An Elegant Data Intelligence Solution Tailor-Made for the Private Sector.

Credits: Video by Adatos A.I., Hindesite, Salt Fresh and Field, Cristoph Pantel, Christian Clavadetscher, ESO Observatory & Videvo. Music by Aljosha Konstanty.

According to a a McKinsey study, the US faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical expertise (people with advanced training in statistic or machine learning) and a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to understand and make decisions based on data.

The Intelligence Community has addressed this problem for over 7 decades, pressed by the urgent imperative to make sense of vast volumes of data in the name of National Security.

The Intelligence Community developed methodology and software that enabled them to produce accurate, actionable data-driven insights in short periods of time. These bleeding edge methods were only recently declassified for private sector use.

Unmatched Speed. Anyone can say they have the best algorithm; however, the efficiencies of our methods are hard to match (OODA Loop framework). Adatos core systems engineering allows rapid deployment of proof of concept in hours, giving valuable insights immediately.

World-Class Intelligence. From our initial planning phase right through to the dissemination of our analysis, we follow the sense-making approach matured within the US ODNI's IARPA program.

Proof. We rapidly benchmark our solution against our client's legacy KPIs to prove our predictive capability.

Return on Investment. Our approach is always to provide unique and valuable cost effective insight to our clients, we are also open to  results based compensation for our services.

Beautiful, Prize-Winning Data Intelligence Products.

 Intelligence. Edge.

Intelligence. Edge.

Our Core Products



Adatos’ Autonomous Artificial Intelligence solutions process vast amounts of drone and satellite imagery to revolutionize how large scale farms and plantations are managed. Remote Sensing Images can be read by Adatos’ AI to: inventory crops; measure plant health; measure soil quality and fertilization; identify pests; and track logistic movement. Near real time information allows for accurate management oversight, efficient plantation management, and accurate yield prediction.


Adatos builds smart, data-driven risk models for banks, financial institutions, and Insurance companies. These smart risk models enable businesses to calibrate risk thresholds and decide their risk appetite to create an optimized portfolio with a much greater level of granularity and certainty.

Our smart risk models are able to demonstrate improved sensitivity at predicting non-performing loans, as well as the potential to increase throughput while decreasing bad rate on loan portfolios.



A comprehensive understanding of customer behavior is key to managing important metrics such as CAC and Churn for any consumer-focused business. CFOs and CMOs need to have actionable, operational insights into their current customers as well as the white space to grow their top line revenue efficiently.

We leverage Artificial Intelligence within a mature Intelligence Analytic Tradecraft Framework to provide you with an analysis of your customer base for targeting, acquisition and retention.



Adatos Medical Imaging Solutions provide Hospitals with the ability to screen hundreds of X-ray images in minutes, significantly reducing processing costs, yet demonstrating greater accuracy than trained medical professionals.

This Artificial Intelligence application for Public Health and Preventive Medicine screening extends to Histopathology, Endocrinology, and Oncology use cases that may have a global impact on preventing the spread of communicable diseases; saving lives from debilitating and fatal chronic diseases; and improving our quality of life.

Our Valued Clients


We provide large-scale agriculture clients with feasible solutions to manage operations, improve yield, and promote conservation measures for sustainability.

FINANCIAL SERVICES & Insurance companies

Our clients understand the importance of adopting contrarian approaches to defend against the new wave of disruption wrought by young FinTech companies with innovative approaches. We provide them with the competitive edge they seek in this aggressive space.

advisory services

We partner with cutting edge Advisory Service Firms to bring added value to their clients who are searching for holistic, data-driven solutions.


The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Our valued clients in the private sector understand the urgent imperative to glean insights from data sources. Too much data, not enough analysts. Enter Adatos, with its ability to build learning machines that enhance the capabilities of your data science team, or provide them with the capability where it didn't exist before.

The Company

Adatos is a Singapore Government-backed technology company with a vision is to empower the private sector with Cognitive Machines. Our Artificial Intelligence technology matured over 3-decades in the Intelligence Community; and has been applied to over 120 use cases to transcend exploratory R&D efforts and focus on generating practical Return-on-Investment. 

Adatos believes we have a responsibility to advance Artificial Intelligence technology for the good of society whilst protecting privacy and civil liberties.

The company has operations in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Our team of dedicated data scientists and business consultant professionals provide ongoing customer support to ensure a guarantee on your investment.


Our Offices

Adatos Pte. Ltd.
One George Street, L10
Singapore 049145


Adatos Inc.
387 Park Avenue South, 5th Floor
New York City, NY 10016 is Hiring!

We're always on the lookout for smart, talented and motivated people to join our team. Excited about getting hands-on experience in a rapidly growing, deep-tech startup? Want to play as part of a diverse, multi-cultural and ambitious technology team working on large-scale, game-changing projects ? Want to shape the future and be a part of the next wave of AI-driven innovation?

If you answered 'Yes!' to the above, you are just what we’re looking for. This is a great opportunity for you to hone your deep technology skills and work in an international setting alongside the founders of an exciting and winning startup.


Technology & development

Total: 1 Posting(s)

Job Posting (I):
Lead UI Developer

location: open

We're looking for a Lead UI Developer who will:

★ Work with the product team to refine and develop UI/UX for our A.I.-based products (Key verticals include: Finance, Agriculture, Market Research, and Healthcare)
★ Be responsible for understanding and incorporating end-user business requirements and end-user feedback to design and deploy relevant, user friendly and "addictive" UX on Software-as-a-Service web-browser client platforms
★ Take collateral responsibility for maintaining corporate website design and marketing material design
★ Generate product demonstrations on video editing software for dissemination on YouTube and Vimeo

Required Skills & Qualifications:

★ HTML5/JavaScript/CSS
★ Python
★ Adobe Creative Suite (especially Illustrator and Photoshop)
★ Full-stack front-end development ( MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, Node.js)
★ Experience in Design Thinking framework
★ Experience in Lean UX Design framework
★ Portfolio demonstrating Adaptive and Responsive UI/UX Design for deployment on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile (iOS, Android) platforms
★ BootstrapAdobe EdgeFoundationFramework7
★ Experience in GIS tools such as or
★ Versioning Tools: GitHubAtlassian




Total: 1 Posting(s)

Job Posting (I):
Operations Executive


We're looking for an Operations Executive who will:

★ Meticulously support the sales, financing and administrative functions within the company.
★ Build beautiful reports, fundraising and sales collateral.
★ Organize and align the company's branding collaterals.
★ Work closely with the company's trusted service providers to ensure smoothness of administration.

This job is ideal for candidates who are interested in getting their hands dirty in the full back-end operations of a fast-growing startup from a sales and planning point of view, and are able to work independently while keeping team communication strong. At the same time, you will be client-facing, which will provide you with the opportunity to grow your professional network with some of the largest players on the scene.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

★ Bachelor's degree in Finance or Business preferred.
★ 2+ years of Financial Accounting experience a plus.
★ Highly proficient with the use of MS PowerPoint and Excel.
★ Excellent writing skills, communication, analytical and negotiation skills.

Experience & That Extra Edge:

★ Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize and multitask.
★ Able to adapt well to fast-paced environments with changing circumstances, direction, and strategy.
★ Able to work efficiently and independently.
★ Able to work as a team player.
★ Strong decision-making ability and attention to detail.
★ Proactive, results-oriented, creative problem solver.
★ Trustworthy and dependable, with strong character references.