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We use geospatial data to map the world around us so we can
see what is not visible from the ground and act on it. 

About Us

Experts in leveraging Human &
Artificial Intelligence

Adatos.AI was founded in 2015, with the aim to be at the frontier of the digital revolution in agriculture and Nature-Based Solutions. Today, we operate globally from our offices in Singapore and the Netherlands to lead the way for more productivity, sustainable practices and the restoration of our planet’s ecosystems.

Provide accurate, actionable
business insights by looking
at the Earth’s skin

Our Mission 

Using our leading AI and remote sensing technology to process vast amounts of data, empowering our clients to make better real-time decisions on the ground, every day. 



Founder and CTO of Adatos.AI with a 27 year track record of Artificial Intelligence for governments and the private sector.

Jonathan Paul


Co-founder and CEO of Adatos.AI with 30 years of extensive experience in Finance around the globe. 

We are tech-heroes and visionaries

Self-starters and problem-solvers. Collaborators with a global mindset and trusted partners on our way to bring change.

Our Team


We are a global team, with a diverse approach to problem solving.


Partnering Artificial and Human Intelligence to push the boundaries in problem solving.


We believe in empowering talented teams by encouraging freedom of thought, to come up with the brightest solutions for our clients’ businesses.


Building strong partnerships with our clients to create bespoke and optimised solutions. We nurture our relationships.


We strive to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and will always protect your data. 

Our core values define us

Our Values

Join Our Team

Be part of our story

Would you like a unique chance to make an impact for mankind and the earth?

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