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No field is too large. 
No landscape is untraceable. 

Scaleable Agriculture & Nature-Based Solutions across a range of industries.

Matching the right resolution and 
model for every use case

Building strong partnerships with our clients to create bespoke and optimised, sustainable solutions whilst ensuring cost efficiency. 

Our Approach

Our Solutions

Sustainable Agriculture
and Food Security

Sustainable Intensification; get more out of your land, save money and optimise resources. 

  • Increase your yield per hectare.

  • Use water, fertilisers and pesticides where needed.

  • Track and control pest and disease.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Track and verify your climate change targets and improve carbon accounting for your business.

  • Reliable, objective and timely data for ESG reporting. 

  • Measure carbon footprint and support climate change strategy planning.

  • Support compliance with national and international regulations.



Governments and NGOs

Manage and monitor your landscape in real-time for increased transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

  • Monitor crops on a large scale for food security.

  • Track and validate progress of projects against environmental targets. 

  • Support compliance with national and international regulations.

  • Detect illegal activities and environmental degradation.


Using remote sensing, we can monitor pest and disease spread on a very large scale.​

  • Expand your margins by predicting future demand and identify potential new customers.

  • Increase operational efficiency by better control over inventory management using demand predictions. 

  • Identify your clients with a pest and disease problem today and target them with effective solutions.

Investors and Banks

Gain a competitive advantage through unique data-driven insights for accurate risk evaluation and better risk adjusted returns.

  • Remotely assess present and future risks. 

  • Improve your due diligence. 

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